Martyr ” Asrar Mohammed AlQabandi “

AbdulRahman Mubarak Al-Qabandi


The uncle of the martyr Asrar Mohammed Mubarak Al-Qabandi
Born in 18/11/1956

He works in the kuwait military.

He made several aid during the brutal Iraqi invasion
And he worked in the associations and cooperative branches for Kuwaiti people And then went to the zoo to give animals the necessary food to live.

She was in kuwaiti resistance since the first night of the invasion of Iraq & before her assassination she called her family and told them that the Bahraini embassy would come to give the Bahraini passports to get out of kuwait and they refused.

*About my experience:

The person I interviewed did not give me much of his feelings about the story and I tried to ask him some questions but the answer was simple . But it’s a fun experience, Especially that its new experience to me.


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